Partner with Campus Cash: The Student Marketplace

Reasons Businesses choose to partner with Campus Cash - The Student Marketplace

  • Want new business - college demographic (Mini-Mag and Campus Cash App) & general population (Campus Cash App)    
  • Want college students for immediate employment, internships or post grad career
  • Branding and awareness


Campus Cash - The Student Marketplace is a printed mini-magazine style booklet and Campus Cash App, traditionally known for coupons and discount offerings. Campus Cash “Coupons” has been in the hands of students at the  University of Nebraska and surrounding community college the beginning of each semester starting in 1990.

Students LOVE Campus Cash! It's likely the first introduction students will have to your local business. 

Campus Cash - The Student Marketplace opportunity now goes beyond the distribution of printed ads/coupons. The campaign begins with distribution, the focused then shifts to student engagement, digital reach, and the Campus Cash App. 

Campus Cash marketing plan also includes radio promotion with Lincoln’s Sports Talk Radio - The Ticket FM and partner gift card giveaway via social media, and events. 

Business goes where it’s invited! 

Campus Cash invites NEW Business to YOUR Business

Added Bonus, Discounts, & Deadlines

When and how many mini-magazines are distributed

Two distributions each year per market - Beginning of each semester

Spring Semester / Fall Semester 

Lincoln: 15,000 / 15,000

Tri-Cities - Kearney, Grand Island, Hastings: 9000 / 9000

Campus Cash App Placement and Web Advertising

Includes business listing, map listing at and each coupon available for one-time use on the Campus Cash App with option for changeable promotions throughout the year.

Where are the mini-magazines distributed

Distribution is KEY

  • UNL, UNK and regional college campuses

  • Resident Halls 

  • College Bookstores

  • Off-Campus Housing 

  • Customer & Strategic Partner Locations

Who is the targeted demographic

Mini-magazine distribution: Student, Faculty, Staff and their circles

Campus Cash App: Same as mini-magazine and general public

How does Campus Cash Distribute the mini-magazines

Campus Cash NE is responsible for the Distribution

      • Multiple campus locations the first weeks of classes where mini-magazines are handed directly to students and staff
      • Campus Cash NE works with student organizations to distribute booklets through their beginning of the semester’s activities

      • Staff visits distribution points regularly to replenish supply until all booklets are distributed

      • Campus Cash NE monitors and assesses distribution points effectiveness throughout the distribution process to ensure maximum efficiency

      • Goal is to have the majority (80-90%) of the booklets distributed within 10 days

      • 100% guaranteed distributed by day 30

APP & Web Distribution
Each coupon is available for one-time use on the Campus Cash App with option for changeable promotions throughout the year.
Web Advertising: Includes business listing, map listing at
Added Bonus - No Additional Charge

Campus Cash App: Digital Ad Service - NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE

Additional Promotion via Social Media and Radio - NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE


Two or more pages or markets - 10% discount
​$150 off full-page ads and $100 off half-page ads, now until September 30th for Spring 2024 publications


Early Bird Special - September 30th, 2023 for Spring 2024

Spring 2024 mini-mag publication: November 17, 2023

Ad Options

Standard Sizes

Full Page

Half Page

Restaurant Deal Guide: UNL Campus
​Available to Restaurants within 1.5 miles of UNL Campuses and willing to offer 25% Off or BOGO
Premium Options

Sponsored Content

Banner Front Cover

Inside Front Cover

Center Spread Back Cover

Special Placement

Category Exclusivity - Negotiable

Standard Ad Sizes

Two Sided

Ad file specs: Industry standard press quality PDF file, CMYK, 300 dpi*

*additional details available

Half page ads - 2 individual ads per page: One top, one bottom